The Fucking Jordanzig (dammit_bam) wrote,
The Fucking Jordanzig

talk about fucking stoner pk gourmet. i just made this gnarly-ass shit.l i was fucking high and starving. and i looked EVERYWHERE for something to eat, but there wasn't really anything. so i took these giant straight macaroni looking noodles and started boiling them. that's when the hunt for something to add to it began. first thing i found were bullion cubes. so i added two. so i'm like, chicken flavored noodles. i need more shit. so i let the shit boil. and the noodles get soft. i take a can of cream of chicken soup. i say, fuck it, and mixed it 'til the shit was creamy. now i'm like... creamy noodles, is that it? and after no luck of finding any kind of meat to throw in it, i find those french fried onion things. you know those delicious little crunchy things they put on the green bean casserole shit? yeah i threw about half a can in it. i gave it a generous amount of regular hot sauce. then i pulled out the big guns and got the habanero sauce. put about a teaspoon of that in it and called it good.

and it was fucking delicious.
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