The Fucking Jordanzig (dammit_bam) wrote,
The Fucking Jordanzig

jordanzig (10:47:29 PM): give me gas money and weed =)
jordanzig (10:47:54 PM): steal it from the crazies up the hill
jordanzig (10:48:03 PM): and down the river
jordanzig (10:48:08 PM): and through the forest
jordanzig (10:48:13 PM): and pass that one rock
jordanzig (10:48:24 PM): under the misty spot
jordanzig (10:48:29 PM): from the waterfall
jordanzig (10:48:33 PM): from the other river
jordanzig (10:48:42 PM): where the trail forks
jordanzig (10:48:47 PM): and you have to take a left
jordanzig (10:48:50 PM): i mean a right
jordanzig (10:48:54 PM): my right
jordanzig (10:48:58 PM): your left
jordanzig (10:49:31 PM): and it's past the desert but before the second mountain
jordanzig (10:49:43 PM): and a crazy old tiki man lives there
jordanzig (10:49:51 PM): he plays the ukelele
jordanzig (10:49:55 PM): and shreds it
jordanzig (10:50:55 PM): and he has endless supplies of drugs money and lucky charms. yeah, the cereal.
jordanzig (10:51:08 PM): go get it
jordanzig (10:51:10 PM): right now
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you're not online right now, but i came across ashley's myspace (not randomly) and i just was thinking what a slut she's turned into. and that ICP shit? not a good look. you need to beat some sense into her. she was always the one talking about how you're the fuckup, jesus.

jordan, you rock.
what a bitch! she said i was the fuckup? i'm not the fuck up. i'm so close to being a productive citizen. i got a car. i got a job. i got offered a free trailer and all i have to do is pick up the payments. only thing left is finishing school and i will be awesome. and i can get a nice high paying job down in an automotive warehouse in brighton.
is she really trying to be a suicide girl? i don't think that would happen. in any fashion/modeling industry there's way more to it than just sitting around. there's acting classes, ballet/dance, exercising...her way of life would never fly unless she seriously cleans up her act and gets a clue. and quits blaming me for her problems. she got an STD from tony because they didn't use a condom (which is dumb) and i told her it was dumb to not use a condom like that and she got pissed off. "HPV can give me cervical cancer, my life is ruined." it's always a pissing contest with her when it comes to who's had it worse and who has it worse. her excuses are shitty.
haha today i was in the bathroom and in some old magazine i stumbled upon this note. which has to be 4 years old AT LEAST.

Dear Mr. Alan.

I have been seeing psychotherapists for seven years. I'm sorry to report this, but you have got to the most retarded unprofessional person I have ever heard of. I care about Jordan's well-being and I don't think you are doing your job. Thank you.

Yours etc.,

Sam Derengowski.

haha i find it hillarious that after i got rid of all those old notes, that there is THIS one of all of them. it has to be the single most random thing i've found in a long time.