The Fucking Jordanzig (dammit_bam) wrote,
The Fucking Jordanzig

dearest livejournal

there once was a time where i would come to you daily, sometimes multiple times a day, and fill you with what was mostly teenage angst. i talked a lot about how much i hated the world, how much i hated my parents, my sister, school, friends, girls, flint, michigan, and just life in general. you've been there since before i picked up smoking. you were there when i started smoking pot ritualistically. you were always there when i was bored. and like any other teenager at in the 21st century i was bored a lot. it's almost sad to think but you were the real best friend. and because of myspace and facebook and twitter you have been forgotten. considered obsolete.

but fuck that. i refuse. i will not let this die. consider me old fashioned. but i can't let something that has been a part of my life for 6 or so years go.

and i'm sure that this won't be read by anyone. i'm ok with that.
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i read it.