The Fucking Jordanzig (dammit_bam) wrote,
The Fucking Jordanzig

i do not understand it

the past 2 benders we have decided to not stop drinking until the drinks are gone. well, actually that's how it usually goes, but lately, we've been thinking we have accomplished the feat. but the past 2 times at the end of the night there was no booze left in sight. but the morning after, while cleaning up the empty glass soldiers, i have discovered a single unopened beer.

the phenomenon is baffling me. it's not like i'm not doing a thorough seek and destroy. all the beer was gone both nights. but they magically reappear the next morning.

i'm not complaining about it, it's just blowing my mind.

p.s. probably going to laugh at this when i am no longer high. life is good.
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